Belizian Rhythms

SAT 17:00-18:00

DJ: Randolph Coleman


Randolph plays music from various cultures around the Caribbean region such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago including Belize of which I am a native. Randolph plays music from almost all of the other Caribbean Islands. The genre of music from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica are Reggae and Dancehall Reggae music, The genre of music from Trinidad and Tobago are Calypso and Soca music. The genre of music from the country of Belize which is in the heart of the Caribbean basin are the Creole Brukdown folk music. Brukdown music is a fusion of Jamaican Mento music and Trinidad's Broken down Calypso music, developed and brought to Islands by the West African Slaves. Randolph also plays Punta and Paranda music from the Garifuna Community including Spanish songs from the Spanish community in Belize in Central America.