Pictures and Sounds 2011

Pictures and Sounds, the annual multimedia showcase hosted by WHPK and the Film Studies Center, presents re-imagined and improvised soundtracks to new video work and classics of silent, experimental, and outsider film.

Performances by:

Second Family Band (Madison) – The prolific Madison-based free playing collective spun from the roots of the Davenport Family Band reappears live after a long period of hermeticism. Through their tireless organic rites they continue to expand the boundaries of the American psych/folk/drone phantasm.

Frank Rosaly (Chicago) – A fixture of the Chicago free/avant jazz community, Frank Rosaly has honed his percussive craft in dozens of formal groups and ad hoc ensembles featuring a host of Chicago luminaries and icons like Alvin Lucier and Paul Flaherty. His solo works for electronics and percussion display a dynamic agility crossing the spectrum of free playing. Frank recently scored the independent documentary “Scrappers.”

-Frank Rosaly will play to an event exclusive made by filmmaker Derek Welte

Body Morph (Detroit) – Daniel Dlugosielski, through his recordings under the Body Morph alias and his Michigan-based label EXBX, has articulated the unknown territory between avant/jazz-improv and the cassette underground, employing saxes, tapes, and scads of electronic detritus to set it all tumbling into the weird.

Flower Man (Chicago) – Drawing from a tradition of early electronic sound sculpture, library music, and digital synthesis, Chris Bush crafts sonic miniatures of a peerless level of detail and complexity, save perhaps his work as one half of Caboladies.

-Flowerman will play to a special short from Midnight Star Media


Please be punctual as seating is limited.



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