Pure Hype: CD of Live Performances

In 1995, WHPK released a CD of live performances from Pure Hype. The CD focused on Chicago-based artists, some of whom were already famous, others who would become so, and a few more whose work might have gone relatively undocumented had it not been for an appearance on this compilation.

As the liner notes state, “Few musicians make a living from rock and roll. They make some effort to find the time to write songs and to practice. The added time it takes to line up shows or to put music out makes conveying their ideas beyond the walls of their basement rehearsal spaces difficult. Pure Hype gives Chicago bands a place to perform and to talk about what’s on their minds. The show’s usefulness, however, extends beyond helping out working musicians. Pure Hype seeks to convey to listeners a sense of the variety of styles of rock in Chicago. Live local radio routinely digs beneath what is commercially available, offering the fresh, perhaps still not-fully-formed sounds of music being made.”

Pure Hype remains committed to the same ideals today, as you can see from our current schedule. Unfortunately, the CD is now out of print.

Track Band Song Time
1. The John Huss Moderate Combo Go 2:40
2. The Handsome Family Claire Said 3:48
3. Prichard Prichard's Lament 1:59
4. Toulouse Battle of Rockets 4:34
5. Sput Thurston's Song 2:14
6. 0:09
7. Scissor Girls By Process E-limination 4:21
8. Eleventh Dream Day History of Brokeback 3:59
9. Alkaloid Precisely 4:12
10. Weedy Unfrozen Punk Rocker 2:46
11. Barbara Manning & Brently Pusser Eights 2:57
12. Hideaways House of Cards 2:22
13. Velour Motel Big T.V. 3:57
14. Goblins Creature Feature 2:34
15. Tart Shut Up 2:53
16. Three Blue Teardrops Lincoln '59 3:50
17. Dingle DC Song 2:15
18. Ashtray Boy Val and Gina 3:58
19. Ting Bikini 2:39
20. Galaxy of Mailbox Whores Running Scared 5:48
21. Drag King Narantanz 1:49
22. Coctails Wheels 4:00
23. 3:52