Zakir Hussain on Musics Around the World April 15th 4-5 pm

Zakir Hussain, will be at Symphony Center 8 pm Saturday the 19th (with special student price), heading a program called Masters of Percussion, featuring musicians from various parts of India (+ one from Uzbekistan). Hussain is of the famous tabla-player Allah Rakha, and from a young age Zakir has been an internationally famous percussionist in both Indian classical music and also with many kinds of Western and mixed ensembles (for example: Shakti, Planet Drum); composer by himself and in collaboration for films (e.g., "Little Buddha, Merchant Ivory movies) and more (opening music of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, ballet and other dance, etc.); he has won many awards in India and the USA. Also appearing on Musics Around the World on April 15th, Shashank, a Carnatic (South Indian classical) bamboo flute player whose fame on this instrument began when he was just a small child. He will be playing a FREE concert at 7 pm on Monday 21st at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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