Join Our Staff

Anyone can join the staff of WHPK provided that they have experience as a WHPK DJ or as a volunteer. Our staff members are students, alumni of the University, and members of our listening community.

Positions include:

  • Station Manager
    The Station Manager is the chief officer of the station. She/he is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day management of the station that involve finances, the maintenance of station facilities and broadcast equipment, and security. In consultation with the Program Director, s/he shall exercise responsibility for promotional activities and publications, ensure compliance with FCC rules, and handle disciplinary actions. The Station Manager is elected by the station membership to a one-year term at the end of the Winter quarter, and must be a registered student for the duration of the term. Should the position of Station Manager become vacant, the Program Director serves as interim Station Manager until the station membership can hold new elections.
  • Program Director
    The Program Director is responsible for all on-air programming. She/he appoints all Format Chiefs, maintains day-to-day broadcasting operations, and sets the quarterly schedule of programs and DJs. The Program Director, in agreement with the appropriate Format Chief, may add or terminate a show at any time. She/he may make temporary changes in schedule to accommodate special presentations. She/he is also responsible for enunciating the station's overall programming philosophy. The Program Director is appointed by the Governing Board (subject to station membership confirmation) to a one-year term at the end of the Spring quarter.
  • Publicity Director
    The Publicity Director is responsible for organizing promotion of the station by communicating with media outlets, producing flyers and posters for station events and shows, and seeking out new ways to publicize the station in Chicago and on the South Side. S/he also maintains the events book which lists descriptions of WHPK shows and sponsored events. The Publicity Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Music Director

    The Music Director is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the library, and is the station’s liaison with record companies of all formats.  S/he works with the Format Chiefs to get and keep the station serviced by record companies in all formats, and sets up interviews and similar promotions with record companies and bands for all formats. He/she also seeks new record companies and distributing organizations to service the station. The Music Director is appointed jointly by the Station Manager and the Program Director to a one-year term at the start of the Summer quarter.

    The Music Director may appoint format-specific music directors (Rock MD, Classical MD, etc.) jointly with either the appropriate format chief or the Station Manager. These format-specific music directors help the Music Director review records and communicate with record companies, particularly in areas with which the Music Director is not familiar.

  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer maintains the station's financial records and takes responsibility for fund-raising endeavors. The treasurer is responsible for organizing the annual pledge drive, but may delegate this task to a specific officer who acts as the Pledge Drive coordinator. The Treasurer is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Format Chiefs
    The Format Chiefs are responsible for running the various formats. They are responsible for maintaining consistently professional programming, in keeping with the station’s programming philosophy, by ‘hiring and firing,» scheduling, and regulating DJs. In collaboration with the Training Director, each Format Chief is responsible for training that format's DJs and for making sure that their DJs do everything correctly (operate the broadcast equipment; fill out logs; read PSAs, IDs, and sponsorships; etc.) Format chiefs maintain lists of regular and substitute DJs in their format, and help find subs when necessary. FCs also keep playlist folders filled and review their DJs' shows and playlists each quarter in order to give DJs suggestions and comments. Format Chiefs are appointed by the Program Director.
  • Training Director
    The Training Director is responsible for the training program of new DJs, insuring that they learn station policies and how to operate the broadcasting equipment. The Training Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Volunteer Director
    The Volunteer Director is responsible for coordinating and tracking first-year DJ work hours and the organization of volunteers. The Volunteer Director works closely with the Publicity Director to ensure that available volunteers are engaging in station publicity. The Volunteer Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Promotions Director
    The Promotions Director keeps in contact with local venues who give us free passes to concerts and shows, and arranges giveaways of these passes and, occasionally, other promotional materials. S/he also arranges for staff tickets to shows. All giveaways must go through the Promotions Director. If you know of a concert or show for which you would like to give away passes, please contact the Promotions Director. Do not set up a ticket giveaway on your own without the prior approval of the Promotions Director. The Promotions Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Sponsorship Director
    The Sponsorship Director is responsible for all underwriting business. S/he makes sure that sponsorship announcements are read correctly, collects money from sponsorships, composes and updates sponsorship announcements, and attempts to recruit new underwriters. He/she also approves all underwriters. All sponsor business must go through the Sponsorship Director. If you know of a local business that may be interested in sponsoring the station, contact the Sponsorship Director. The Sponsorship Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Public Service Director
    The Public Service Director is responsible for maintaining a current supply of public service announcements in the on-air studio and insuring that DJs comply with relevant FCC regulations. The Public Service Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Traffic Director
    The Traffic Director is responsible for maintenance of station logs, including, but not limited to, the operating log, the phone log in the office, and the public file. S/he must keep the logs and files consistent with FCC regulations. The Traffic Director is also responsible for the purchase of WHPK’s office supplies. The Traffic Director also collects and sorts the WHPK mail. The Traffic Director is appointed by the Station Manager.
  • Librarian
    The Librarian has the duties of record library upkeep, filing records, and monitoring the check-out log. As the bins for "new" records, CDs, and LPs fill up, the Librarian must purge and re-file the records appropriately. Also, records that have been left around the library or are incorrectly filed must be re-filed. Check-out log book monitoring is also the Librarian's responsibility; he/she must notify station members
  • Student Equipment Chair
    Is responsible for communicating directly to the engineer regarding equipment failure. He/she monitors equipment and makes some equipment repairs. The Equipment Chair is appointed by the Station Manager.

How to Join Our Staff

First, get experience as a DJ. Then, find out what staff positions are open. E-mail, call, or stop by our office. If you have an idea for a position not on the list above, please feel free to pitch your idea to us.

You may also get involved by being a DJ, volunteering, or making a donation.